You must update the information in within 14 days if there are changes to your business particulars such as:

  • Business activity
  • Principal place of business
  • Partners or managers of the Limited Partnership
  • Conversion of Limited Partnership

There is no fee to file these changes. However, a penalty may be imposed for late filing.

You can apply to change your entity name for a fee of $15. The application may require in-principle approval from referral authorities depending on your proposed name. Find out more about reserving a business name.

If you want to appoint or withdraw a partner or manager, you will need endorsement from the other partners or manager (if any).
Endorsements must be completed online within 14 days from the initial submission date. Otherwise, the application will lapse and you will have to submit a new application. You are advised to inform the other partners/manager before you apply to make changes, so as to prevent any delay in obtaining their endorsement.

To log these changes, visit > File eServices > Limited Partnership > Make Changes > .
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