BizFile+, ACRA’s online business filing and information portal, will undergo a major system upgrade and will not be available from Thursday, 10 Dec 2020 (6pm) to Tuesday, 15 Dec 2020 (8am). 

Unavailability of BizFile+ Portal

During this period, BizFile+ users will not be able to lodge any online transactions via the portal, nor access business information. The following eServices will not be available: 

  • Xổ số xoa dịuAll transactions including business name applications/reservations, incorporations/renewals, as well as applications for refunds; 

  • Validation and upload of XBRL financial statements via APIs;

  • All purchase of business information products from the ACRA iShop and data APIs calls from ACRA API Mall;
  • All Deposit Service Account related transactions, such as application, top-up, termination and payment.

Applications and transactions with expiry / effective dates on 10 – 15 Dec 2020

BizFile+ users are advised to complete any applications or transactions with due dates on 10 - 15 Dec 2020, before 10 Dec 2020 (6pm).

Name reservation 
BizFile+ users with name reservations which expire between 10 - 15 Dec 2020 are advised to complete the registration/incorporation before 10 Dec 2020 (6pm). The law provides for a 120-day business names reservation period and no further extension can be made.
BizFile+ users with transactions requiring endorsements by position holders of the business entity are advised to obtain the necessary endorsements before 10 Dec 2020 (6pm).  The law provides for a 60-day endorsement period and no further extension can be made.
Expiry of Business / Limited Partnership (LP) Registration 
Businesses and LPs whose registrations are due to expire between 10 - 15 Dec 2020 are encouraged to renew the registration in BizFile+ before 10 Dec 2020 (6pm). Appeals for renewal of registration can be lodged with ACRA.
Name complaint applications based on similar names
Members of the public seeking to make name complaint applications based on similar names (i.e. the names of two businesses are similar but not identical to each other) need to file such applications in BizFile+ within 12 months from the date of registration of the name being complained against. Accordingly, if the expiry of the 12-month period falls between 10 - 15 Dec 2020,  the applications should be lodged in BizFile+ before 10 Dec 2020 (6pm). 

Please click here for more information on name complaints.  
Amalgamation transactions 
Amalgamation transactions with effective amalgamation dates that fall on 10 - 18 Dec 2020 should file their amalgamation transactions in BizFile+ before 10 Dec 2020 (6pm). 
Other Applications
Applications including Notice of Errors, Order of Courts (Expunge Documents, Rectify Errors) which are lodged with ACRA through BizFile+ from 7 - 10 Dec 2020 will take a longer time than usual to process. Business name applications that have been referred to other authorities for approval will also take a longer than usual time to process. For some applications, the processing may only be completed after 15 Dec 2020.

Extension of Filing Time without penalties imposed

As BizFile+Xổ số xoa dịu will be not be available from 10 Dec 2020 (6pm) to 15 Dec 2020 (8am), ACRA will extend the time to file certain transactions as set out in the table below and not impose any late filing penalties that would otherwise be payable:

 Filing Transactions with Due Dates on 10 - 15 Dec 2020
Filing of Annual Returns No filing penalties if the filing is done by 20 Dec 2020
Other types of filings (e.g. Change of Particulars/Appointments/Cessation, Notice of Error, Lodgement of Court Order)

Urgent and critical transactions 

Xổ số xoa dịuACRA will assess and assist with critical or time sensitive transactions that must be completed during the system upgrade from 10 - 15 Dec 2020, on a case-by-case basis.

Extension of validity of download links for Business Information Products 

Xổ số xoa dịuThe validity of the download link for the following information products, will be extended from the usual seven days to 14 days:

  • Purchase of all information products from ACRA iShop from 3 Dec (6pm) - 10 Dec (6pm);
  • Free copy of Business Profile following successful incorporation, registration, or filing of Annual Returns from 3 Dec (6pm) - 10 Dec (6pm).

Authorised information resellers

The following information products are available for purchase from ACRA’s authorized information resellers, during the period when ACRA iShop is unavailable: 
  • Business Profile
  • People Profile
  • Other business Information packages

Please click here for the list of authorised information resellers. 


Information for Corporate Service Providers 

  • Renewal of Registration for Filing Agents and Qualified Individuals
    RFAs and RQIs whose registration expire between 10 - 15 Dec 2020 are advised to complete their renewal applications before 10 Dec 2020.
  • Maintenance of Client List
    RFAs and authorised person(s) for a group of companies will not be able to add any new clients/subsidiaries into their client/subsidiaries list in BizFile+ during this period.

Information for Public Accountants

Public accountants renewing their certificate of registrations for 2021 will be given an extra two weeks i.e. up to 14 Jan 2021 instead of 31 Dec 2020, to submit their renewal applications. 

For more information, please click here

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